How to submit your artwork to Sign FX for printed stickers

We at Sign FX are able to turn any of your creations into printed stickers, shop signs, vehicle graphics, and the like in full colour. Everything we do is done to your requirements, first and foremost.

In an easy to digest form, this little graphic will show you how to send your creations to Sign FX.

Sticker Artwork Submission Infographic

We support images that are saved in a resolution of 300 dots per inch upwards. If your image has a higher resolution, we are fine with that. For bigger graphics, it makes our lives easier. You can send your files as an email attachment though this may be bound by your email client’s maximum size setting.

As said above in the graphic, you can let us design suitable graphics. However, this process might take longer than sending your own corporate imagery.

Whether you need to kit out a fleet of vans or a shop window, the results will be remarkable and project a dynamic image for your business.

Sign FX, 09 May 2017.

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