The brighter side of shop signs, as seen through the lens of Google Street View

Haven’t the last fortnight’s set of events been awful? With this in mind, there has never been a better time for something lighthearted. In our business of ours, we deal with goodness knows how many shop signs. Some prosaic, some lighthearted. In our latest post, we have decided to celebrate the joy of wordplay and humour, through the eyes of retailers.

Back To The Fuchsia LondonON

Back To The Fuchsia LondonON

St. Tanz, St. Annes-on-the-Sea

St. Tanz, St. Annes-on-the-Sea

Thai-Tanic, Belfast

Thai-Tanic, Belfast: “now I believe that the hot dogs go on…” The takeaway is also a reference to Belfast’s shipbuilding heritage and Harland and Wolff’s best known creation, RMS Titanic. Oh, and they don’t sell hot dogs, not that we know of.

The Frying Scotsman, Paignton

The Frying Scotsman, Paignton: apart from the twee drawing of a Scotsman, the fourth one of our silly shop signs refers to its railway heritage. The Paignton and Dartmouth Steam Railway is a short walk from the chippy.

Woofs a Daisy, Kingston-upon-Thames

Woofs a Daisy, Kingston-upon-Thames: a canine beauty shop. The title is a play on ‘Whoops a Daisy’.

British Hairways, Menai Bridge

British Hairways, Menai Bridge:

Florist Gump, Glasgow.

Florist Gump: run, florist, run… (right, that’s enough silly shop signs for today).

SignFX, 14 June 2017.

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