How printed stickers can be used for fun and slightly less fun, yet useful, applications

Printed stickers press main image by RAKSASIN (via Shutterstock).

A printed stickers printing press in action. Original image by Raksasin (via Shutterstock).

Printed stickers are the demigod of the large format printing world. They can save you a fortune on paint jobs, or allow you to share pictures of your family pet. With today’s printing technology and the use of computerised methods, they enable you to add striking graphics with minimal fuss.

We at Sign FX, much as we may like to, do not print adorable pictures of your Pug. With our company’s roots in transport and logistics, the same vivid colours applied to your dog photos can be seen on the side of lorries and vans.

Printed Stickers For Fun

Our printed stickers are suitable for sports clubs and racing teams. A full colour printed sticker by Sign FX will enable your team to stand out from the crowd. For example: your local banger racing team’s van. Or the use of your football team’s sponsors or club badges on certain publicity materials. We can also apply vinyls for other signage – such as direction signs, and one for the all-important pie hut.

Printed Stickers For Profit

Whether you need a Pug on your dog parlour’s van or an array of fruit and vegetables on your shop signage, we can help to make that possible. Our state-of-the-art full colour printing methods will allow your business to stand out from the competition. The use of lifelike high resolution photography is within our capabilities.

On a smaller scale, our printed stickers can be used for stationery or packaging. Whether your desired canvas is the side of a coach or a small label, we can help.

For Safety

We also offer vinyl printed safety stickers. They are scratch resistant and comply with ISO safety standards, and EU Directives. These include emergency exit signage, instructional notices, and warning signs. All of which in various sizes to suit offices, factories, and retail premises, for indoor and outdoor use.

SignFX, 31 August 2017.

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