Printed StickersUsing printed stickers instead of paint or flyaway pieces of paper will revolutionise your marketing strategies. Colourful and eye catching stickers combine fun with powerful branding techniques to ensure that your business can get its message across loud and clear. Here are three reasons why using stickers puts your brand at a serious advantage.

Stickers as an affordable alternative to paint

Having a new paint job every time that your brand gets a new slogan or launches a new marketing campaign can be expensive and time consuming. Printing out a batch of new stickers, on the other hand, is the perfect solution: quick, easy, and affordable, it enables you to launch that new marketing campaign at a moment’s notice, and to cover everything from stationery to shop windows with your new message.

Stickers can be stuck absolutely anywhere, too, so unlike a fixed and static painted sign, a sticker can travel all over the world when stuck to someone’s notebook or backpack and thus help to make your brand message absolutely ubiquitous.

Stickers get your customers involved

Studies have shown that when clients and consumers get physically involved with a brand – for instance, by engaging with an interactive digital display or by peeling off and sticking a special sticker onto their belongings – they are more likely to internalise that brand’s message. There is something about the physical act of engaging with branded materials that sticks in the memory and gets customers feeling as if they are personally/physically involved with your brand.

Using printed stickers with colourful prints on is a really fun activity for customers to get involved with. As a result, it is likely to get customers feeling much more positively about your company and what it stands for. Everyone loves to stick stickers onto mugs, folders, and other belongings: capitalise on this to get customers feeling enthusiastic about your brand.

Printed stickers can be so imaginative!

A sticker may look like a simple two dimensional marketing tool, but it is so much more than that. It is amazing what you can do with different colours, fonts, and graphic design styles. Sometimes a small round sticker is all that it takes to hook a customer’s attention and make them smile, intrigue them and make them want to learn more about your brand, or quite simply give them some clear information that they need.

The only limit to the way that your sticker can be designed, coloured, and arranged is your imagination! Explore serifs, modern fonts, and flashy graphics and be amazed at the range of possibilities stickers can provide you with.

Explore the possibilities offered by stickers today

Have a run of stickers printed and you can start engaging with customers and potential customers in ever more creative ways. Get people talking about your company, get your message out there, and ensure that everyone has fun in the process.

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