Stuck for a suitable typeface? Let SignFX help you

Typeface Collage

Serif or sans-serif? There’s a typeface out there for you.

Among SignFX’s main activities is the creation of engraved wall plaques. We can design plaques featuring your corporate imagery. For example: company logos, and your business’ typeface of choice. Our engraved wall plaques are designed for directing staff members and visitors; also to advertise your business’ presence. Also for commemorating valued staff members’ efforts, openings, and tributes.

What if you are stuck for a suitable typeface? We at SignFX can suggest suitable typographical options that will complement your company’s logos. Or reflect the nature of your business. Here’s a few ideas of our own.

Best typeface for information signs

You cannot go wrong with a sans-serif typeface. Especially Helvetica, Gotham, Frutiger, or Futura. They are easy to read at speed from great distances; this is also true of our road signs and station signs. If you need to have bilingual signage (for example, English and Gaelic signs), a contrasting colour or a different variant of the typeface (i.e., Italic or Italic Bold) is a must.

For commemorative plaques

A serif typeface such as Times New Roman, Garamond or Baskerville adds a touch of class. Especially as a tribute to notable people, or to denote your business’ official opening.

For engraved plaques

A bold sans-serif or slab typeface, or a serif typeface is suitable for engraving onto chrome, silver, or pewter. With black or uncoloured lettering, they can stand out from a short distance. Especially in full view of visitors in communal areas.

For plastic plaques

Matt colours offering a contrast to the clear surface is easy on the eye. If you wish to add your company’s logo, a clear plastic plaque (or an opaque one) is suitable. Sans-serif and slab typefaces tend to work better, particularly bold versions of grotesque typography (think Helvetica, Univers, or Arial).

SignFX, 28 July 2017.

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