How wall plaques play a part in boosting the profile of your business, inside and outside

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Professional: our wall plaques are made with a variety of materials to suit the client’s requirements.

Whether for promotional or commemorative purposes, nothing raises the visible profile of your business better than wall plaques. If your business is situated in an office with several other occupants, they are more than an advert for your company. They help your visitors to find the right office.

We at SignFX are able to work with a variety of materials. For example: brass or chrome for engraved signages. Also transparent resin, suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Everything we do is based around your requirements. This means we can work with corporate logos and find suitable typefaces. We can also create fresh designs that gives your business’ corporate image a clean and contemporary look.

What can we do for you?

Direction Signs:

Our wall plaques can be used to direct staff and visitors to certain departments in your building. These can be engraved or placed on a resin plaque with a choice of typeface.

Commemorative Signs:

As commemorative signs, our wall plaques have engraved lettering and logos. These are ideal for commemorating the official opening of your premises, or in the memory of a dearly departed person.

Display Your Company’s Logo:

Whether in enamel, resin or chrome form, we can display your company’s logo. This may be used to advertise your products or denote in pictorial form its ownership.

Particulars Of Ownership Signage:

If you need to display the head office’s address anywhere on your premises, we can create resin or chrome wall plaques. Whether engraved or printed onto the sign, a choice of typefaces are available.

How do we do it?

With passion, creativity, professionalism and efficiency. Turned up to eleven of course!

SignFX, 15 February 2017.

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