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What to Look for in a Signage Company in Ireland

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Ireland is a country of bright colours; Orange, white and green are the colours of their flag, which depicts a brighter side of the country. There is an emphasis on clarity in both pictures and wording on a sign from the Health and Safety Authority, and any sign company Ireland has to adhere. Different clients have different tastes and preference in signage, basing on the use and specification of the sign. read more →

Advantages of Vehicle Graphics

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Why you need vehicle graphics.


There are many advantages of having a vehicle graphic promoting your business. At SignFX we have over 22 years’ of experience in this industry meaning you can rely on us for your vehicle graphics. We provide our expertise in the Kildare, Dublin and surrounding areas. This isn’t the only service we provide to promote your business, we also offer a printed stickers, shop front signage, window graphics, engraved wall plaques and corriboard signs.

Advantages of vehicle graphics


Vehicle Graphics

If you like the idea of a vehicle graphic or any of our other signage services then contact us on 045 880 603 or email us at

A Selection of Seven Silly Shop Signs

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The brighter side of shop signs, as seen through the lens of Google Street View

Haven’t the last fortnight’s set of events been awful? With this in mind, there has never been a better time for something lighthearted. In our business of ours, we deal with goodness knows how many shop signs. Some prosaic, some lighthearted. In our latest post, we have decided to celebrate the joy of wordplay and humour, through the eyes of retailers.

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Wall Plaques Turned Up to Eleven

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How wall plaques play a part in boosting the profile of your business, inside and outside

Engraved wall plaques image

Professional: our wall plaques are made with a variety of materials to suit the client’s requirements.

Whether for promotional or commemorative purposes, nothing raises the visible profile of your business better than wall plaques. If your business is situated in an office with several other occupants, they are more than an advert for your company. They help your visitors to find the right office.

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Why Corriboard Should Be Explored

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The merits of corriboard

Corriboard sheets by Peter Sobolev (via Shutterstock).

Flexibility: Corrugated plastic has the same flexibility as corrugated cardboard though with its superior waterproofing abilities. Image by Peter Sobolev (via Shutterstock).

Corriboard: what is corriboard may you ask? In a nutshell, it is a plastic version of corrugated cardboard. Corrugated plastic. It is made of recyclable polypropylene which makes the material good for one time use. It also comes under a few other trade names; for example: Polyflute, Coroplast, FlutePlast, IntePro, Proplex, Correx, Twinplast, Corriflute or Corflute.

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Vehicle Signs: Raising Brand Awareness On The Move

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Why vehicle signs go beyond the use of graphics on your fleet

Quin Reddin Van Graphic Since William Bass made a red triangle the UK’s first registered trademark, his brewery was identified the three sided shape. The golden harp, similarly, is associated with Guinness’ logo. One might be wondering what the Bass and Guinness logos have to do with vehicle signs. The answer is corporate identity. Branding, in other words. read more →