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The Advantages of Using Printed Stickers for Your Business


Printed StickersUsing printed stickers instead of paint or flyaway pieces of paper will revolutionise your marketing strategies. Colourful and eye catching stickers combine fun with powerful branding techniques to ensure that your business can get its message across loud and clear. Here are three reasons why using stickers puts your brand at a serious advantage.

Stickers as an affordable alternative to paint

Having a new paint job every time that your brand gets a new slogan or launches a new marketing campaign can be expensive and time consuming. Printing out a batch of new stickers, on the other hand, is the perfect solution: quick, easy, and affordable, it enables you to launch that new marketing campaign at a moment’s notice, and to cover everything from stationary to shop windows with your new message.

Stickers can be stuck absolutely anywhere, too, so unlike a fixed and static painted sign, a sticker can travel all over the world when stuck to someone’s notebook or backpack and thus help to make your brand message absolutely ubiquitous.

Stickers get your customers involved

Studies have shown that when clients and consumers get physically involved with a brand – for instance, by engaging with an interactive digital display or by peeling off and sticking a special sticker onto their belongings – they are more likely to internalise that brand’s message. There is something about the physical act of engaging with branded materials that sticks in the memory and gets customers feeling as if they are personally/physically involved with your brand.

Using printed stickers with colourful prints on is a really fun activity for customers to get involved with. As a result, it is likely to get customers feeling much more positively about your company and what it stands for. Everyone loves to stick stickers onto mugs, folders, and other belongings: capitalise on this to get customers feeling enthusiastic about your brand.

Printed stickers can be so imaginative!

A sticker may look like a simple two dimensional marketing tool, but it is so much more than that. It is amazing what you can do with different colours, fonts, and graphic design styles. Sometimes a small round sticker is all that it takes to hook a customer’s attention and make them smile, intrigue them and make them want to learn more about your brand, or quite simply give them some clear information that they need.

The only limit to the way that your sticker can be designed, coloured, and arranged is your imagination! Explore serifs, modern fonts, and flashy graphics and be amazed at the range of possibilities stickers can provide you with.

Explore the possibilities offered by stickers today

Have a run of stickers printed and you can start engaging with customers and potential customers in ever more creative ways. Get people talking about your company, get your message out there, and ensure that everyone has fun in the process.

Printed Stickers for Fun and Profit

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How printed stickers can be used for fun and slightly less fun, yet useful, applications

Printed stickers press main image by RAKSASIN (via Shutterstock).

A printed stickers printing press in action. Original image by Raksasin (via Shutterstock).

Printed stickers are the demigod of the large format printing world. They can save you a fortune on paint jobs, or allow you to share pictures of your family pet. With today’s printing technology and the use of computerised methods, they enable you to add striking graphics with minimal fuss.

We at Sign FX, much as we may like to, do not print adorable pictures of your Pug. With our company’s roots in transport and logistics, the same vivid colours applied to your dog photos can be seen on the side of lorries and vans.

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Engraved Wall Plaques: Which Typeface for Me?

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Stuck for a suitable typeface? Let SignFX help you

Typeface Collage

Serif or sans-serif? There’s a typeface out there for you.

Among SignFX’s main activities is the creation of engraved wall plaques. We can design plaques featuring your corporate imagery. For example: company logos, and your business’ typeface of choice. Our engraved wall plaques are designed for directing staff members and visitors; also to advertise your business’ presence. Also for commemorating valued staff members’ efforts, openings, and tributes.

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A-Boards Ban by Bradford City Council

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Decision to ban A-boards welcomed by disability campaigners

A-Boards abolition image by Montego (via Shutterstock).

Agree or disagree? What do you think of Bradford City Council’s decision on A-boards? Image by Montego (via Shutterstock).

We at SignFX see A-boards as an effective form of outdoor advertising. They drive customers to your shop when placed on your forecourt. It gives them the impression you are open for business. They are designed to inform and advertise.

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Advantages of Vehicle Graphics

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Why you need vehicle graphics.


There are many advantages of having a vehicle graphic promoting your business. At SignFX we have over 22 years’ of experience in this industry meaning you can rely on us for your vehicle graphics. We provide our expertise in the Kildare, Dublin and surrounding areas. This isn’t the only service we provide to promote your business, we also offer a printed stickers, shop front signage, window graphics, engraved wall plaques and corriboard signs.

Advantages of vehicle graphics


Vehicle Graphics

If you like the idea of a vehicle graphic or any of our other signage services then contact us on 045 880 603 or email us at

Why You Should Use Window Graphics

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Why SignFX thinks window graphics are an important addition to your business

Window graphic

See the tattoo shop shopfront above. There are two reasons behind the use of its window graphics. One is to inform customers of its products and services. Another is how it fits in with the shop sign above. In a nutshell, this example is used to drive people to the tattoo shop. They see the telephone number at the bottom, and they also associate the livery with the company’s signage.

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A Selection of Seven Silly Shop Signs


The brighter side of shop signs, as seen through the lens of Google Street View

Haven’t the last fortnight’s set of events been awful? With this in mind, there has never been a better time for something lighthearted. In our business of ours, we deal with goodness knows how many shop signs. Some prosaic, some lighthearted. In our latest post, we have decided to celebrate the joy of wordplay and humour, through the eyes of retailers.

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Digital Signage and Internet Security

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Why internet security is a must for your digital signage options

Internet security image by DennisM2 (Public Domain).

Internet security image by DennisM2 (Public Domain).

Digital signage is a great option for takeaways, railway stations, and advertising hoardings. Where visual information needs to be updated at short notice, they are a boon. If the Sallins and Naas train to Dublin is fifteen minutes late, that appears as soon as possible. In spite of the convenience, digital signage needs to be protected from viruses, spyware, and ransomware. Internet security is just as important as keeping your customers informed.

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Submitting Your Artwork for Printed Stickers

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How to submit your artwork to Sign FX for printed stickers

We at Sign FX are able to turn any of your creations into printed stickers, shop signs, vehicle graphics, and the like in full colour. Everything we do is done to your requirements, first and foremost.

In an easy to digest form, this little graphic will show you how to send your creations to Sign FX.

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Digital Signage: The Next Big Thing?

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Could digital signage be getting its big break?

Digital Signage by GlobalTWNews (Creative Commons License Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported)

Digital signage image by GlobalTWNews (Creative Commons License Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported)

If you take a train or jet off a lot, you would be familiar with the joys of digital displays. Usually, digital signage displays the arrivals and departures at your favoured railway station or airport. Or to peddle the latest ‘must-have’ gadgets, clothing, fragrances or cars. Today, similar technology is touted for use in corporate signage. Instead of the luxury goods you yearn for, they could display one or more versions of your company logo.

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